Welcome to my website.  I live in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, and I have a keen interest in photography.  

A major emphasis of my my work has been the River on the Run Project, an artist collective made up of myself, Rhian Brynjolson (art educator and visual artist), Bob Haverluck (artist/animateur) and Deborah Schnitzer (writer and educator). Informed by the relationship between art and science, we have been focusing on Lake Winnipeg and the Red River, creating multi-media work based on our shared experience of living within this unique watershed. Integrating a variety of art forms and disciplines, we have investigated the bonds between human and nature, and the historical, mythical, political and economic relationship we have with water. 

I've also been lucky to have worked with amazing artists from all disciplines and to have traveled a lot with my camera in hand.  I hope you enjoy the collection of images on the site.  Thanks for stopping by.