I have always been curious about our psychic and emotional connection to water. It seems to me that we have become dissociated from this most basic element that gives us life. Of course, we are land dwellers, air-breathers, lung users, drowners, but I believe that, more than ever, we need a shift in consciousness, a rethinking of our selves in relation to water. 

In this series of photographs, I've been playing with the notion of immersion. To overcome our alienation from nature, we require a radical kind of contact, a total engagement with those parts of the world to which we have become inured and desensitized.

Being engulfed, surrounded, embedded or otherwise immersed in an environment allows a special kind of connection that ameliorates estrangement. Such an act can repair broken bonds, help us to understand our context more deeply, and allow us to come to a holistic understanding of our situation.